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Red Bull
Box Cart Race 2018

Sandton, Johannesburg, September 16thTH

Skullcandy War Rig

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Team Members

Brian "Enduro" Capper


Kerim "Moto-X" Fitzgerald


Courtnae' "B-Girl" Paul


Martin "The Punisher" van Staden



Skullcandy War Rig

About us

We are a team of 4 crazies with one common goal, to join
forces for Red Bull Box Cart Race GLORY.
We’re going old school, MAD MAX style, taking it into the
future with our mega cool crew of misfits who each posses
an extra ordinary set of skills.
We will entertain & excite you. Blow you away. The fans will
chant & shout out our name in frenzied excitement as we
steer our WAR RIG to VICTORY.
The future belongs to the MAD #feelskullcandy #crashface

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