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Red Bull
Box Cart Race 2018

Sandton, Johannesburg, September 16thTH

Oswald the Ostrich

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Team Members

Tiaan 'Rowwe Bliksem' Engelbrecht


Alwyn 'Die Baard' Engelbrecht


Monia 'Jong Blaartjie' Nel


Eileen 'Spleen' Engelbrecht


Oswald the Ostrich



Oswald the Ostrich

About us

Oswald was the best racing ostrich that the Langkloof had ever seen. Since the day he first set foot on the race track, when he was still young and ambitious, he had been unstoppable. He was beating legends and breaking records. He was in the prime of his career when his whole world was suddenly turned upside down.

It was a fateful day, the day of the BIG RACE. Oswald was the favorite to take home first prize and had he won that day, his name would have been cemented in the history books. A few meters before the finish line, an eager photographer determined to capture the monumental occasion, lost his footing as he was leaning over the rail. He fell into the race track. Unable to break his momentum, Oswald slammed into the photographer at full speed.

It took Oswald months to recover from the dislocated knee, but he recovered nevertheless. Only his determination to resume his position at the top, kept him going. When he was finally ready to return to the life of racing, he was told that he could not. In his absence, his sponsors had passed him over for a new hotshot racer. He had to retire, even though he still had so much to give. This realization hurt him more than any injury ever could.

He thought all hope was lost until he heard about the Red Bull box cart race. This was his chance to prove himself, to show the world that he still has what it takes to win. The racing world may be done with him, but he was not yet done with the racing world.

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