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Red Bull
Box Cart Race 2018

Sandton, Johannesburg, September 16thTH

Flintstones Footmobil

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Team Members

Shane Baynham


Gary Baynham


Kyle Pottow


Tyron Pottow



Flintstones Footmobil

About us

We are a group of friends/family and all of us are 90s kids with trades in mechanics and industrial design as well as a passion for motocross and we are eager to please a hungry crowd we will definatly make their bed rock;) we have all grown up with the world of redbull action sports and have aspired to be like those who we have seen on tv and thought this was our greatest chance to be like those who have planted that adrenaline seed into our brains. #livingthedream.

The footmobil teams cart is coming along rockingly, we have had a few interesting meetings that have brought about some rad ideas so we are pretty excited to show off our masterpiece on social media as it comes along and on race day, Dino just needs to stop chasing and biting our dam wheel so we can really see how fast our rocky speed beast can really go. The frame is busy being built and once we have that done and dusted we will make a decision on what kind of seats and wheels will suit the frame best.


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