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Red Bull
Box Cart Race 2018

Sandton, Johannesburg, September 16thTH


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Team Members

Big Daddy


Blue Eyes


The Kid






About us

Adora-Bull Terrier Rescue and Rehabilitation is a non-profit organization facilitating the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of Bull Terriers countrywide. We live and breathe for the dogs in our care and our vision and mission is the solid and pure foundation of which we build our rescue on.

On a much lighter note, we a bunch of crazy *ss people who loves all animals but choose to support this specific rescue and decided to create a bit of awareness for the breed and at the same time have some good old fashion fun.

We will be the ONLY “dogs” peeing on the corners that day #justsaying #bulliesrock

Our team members are born achievers and champions. They super athletes with an overdose of testosterone combined with adrenaline and very little brain capacity. We are in this thing not for the winning.

We will be in stelf mode every minute and nothing and no one will stop us. We will be focused on the target, become the target and destroy the target. What is the target you ask … well what else than having 100% fun duh!!!

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#redbull #rescuebull #adorabull

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