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Red Bull
Box Cart Race 2018

Sandton, Johannesburg, September 16thTH

Bikini Bottom

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Team Members

Warren ( Squidward) Mills


Herman (Mr Crabs) Paul


Byron (SpongeBoB) Nel


Derick (PaTrick) Botha



Bikini Bottom

About us

Right, Here we go!!

I'm Warren the captain of the Bikini Bottom Redbull Box car race for 2018. I am a construction manager and enjoy building stuff, doing adventurous activities, some of the crazy things I have done are Canopy tour zip lines, Camping, I do enjoy riding off road motorbikes when I have got a chance, Paint ball and what ever looks like a adventure.

I enjoy watching Cartoons even at my age, so when we needed to come up with a crazy idea for our box car theme, we decided on SpongeBob Square pants and that's where it all started. We decided that it would be cool to see how SpongeBob's house, the pineapple would look racing down Sandton drive. Therefore our box car is going to be pineapple with a lot of speed to win the 2018 box car race.

Imagine SpongeBob, Patrick, Mr Crabs and Squidward trying to get ready for the race and then all chaos erupts when SpongeBob and Patrick slip out the starting gates, Patrick will be flinging crabby patty burgers out of the box car while SpongeBob tries to navigate the road and win the race.

Well we will all need to wait and see on the 16th of September,

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