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Red Bull
Soapbox 2017

Los Angeles, August 20th 2017.

The Skull Mobile

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Team Members

Jack Bugaren



The Skull Mobile

About us

This is a military team from Edwards Air Force Base. “All the guys on our team are really smart, we do flight tests on F-16’s and that’s what our soapbox is going to look like. We’re ready to go downhill as fast as we can go,” said Jack Bugaren. Team The Skull Mobile is ready to show off their creative talents. “There are things we do everyday that go unnoticed and this is a way to come together as a team and just be goofy. We figured if we are going to build something, let's build a soapbox,” said Jack. Although these team of military friends work very serious jobs, they are ready to bring the buffoonery to the stage with their flight test costumes, goggles and scarves. When they go on stage don’t forget to shout their team motto, Skulls Rule!

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