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Red Bull
Soapbox 2017

Los Angeles, August 20th 2017.

The Shuttlecock

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The Shuttlecock

About us

This Highland Park team is not only starting the very first Highland Park badminton team but also building a badminton inspired soapbox. The team members vary from the entertainment industry, to engineers, to a doctor, to a city planner, and pyro technician. They all met in Highland Park and have known each other for years. “Participating in Red Bull Soap Box means everything. It’s an opportunity to promote our community. We have a really rich community and every time we go to the area everyone is very friendly,” said Jason Batuyong. They will be wearing classic old school badminton uniforms inspired by this timeless racquet sport from the 19th century. Be ready to ‘Hold onto your shuttlecocks’ is this team's motto.

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