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Red Bull
Soapbox 2017

Los Angeles, August 20th 2017.

The Abbey's Heel on Wheels

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The Abbey's Heel on Wheels

About us

Lovers of all things fierce, team The Abbey’s Heel On Wheels promises to deliver beauty, creativity, an amazing performance, and to bring visibility of the LGBT community. Inspired by Judy Garland in the Wizard of Oz, because everybody needs a ruby slipper and place for a stiff drink over the rainbow, their soapbox design is a glittered red heel that will be piloted by one of their most popular drag queens, Rhea Litré. She will be supported by four of the Abbey’s legendary dancers who will bump, grind, and sashay their way to victory. They are ready to bring a touch of the gay community to Red Bull Soapbox and have spectators witness their ingenuity and welcome everyone to have a drink with them at The Abbey after the race, where they have plenty of Red Bull and plenty of Red Bull cocktails.


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