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Soapbox 2017

Los Angeles, August 20th 2017.

Rock N Racer

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Rock N Racer

About us

Picture your favorite elementary school teacher rolling down a hill in a soapbox! Better yet, dressed in an 80’s wardrobe letting loose and partying like it’s 1980. Welcome the Rock N' Racers, a team of Orange County teachers ready to show the world that “Those who teach, ROCK!” This group of colleagues and friends can’t wait to represent their school and inspire their students to take on new challenges and see them all the way through, regardless of how unfamiliar the task may be. “We’re a group of P.E., Language Arts, and Arts teachers, coming together to build more of an engineering piece,” said Jeff Schumerth. Whether it’s their big hair wigs or outrageous tattoos they will be rocking, the Rock N' Racers are in it to have fun and remind us that teacher’s rock!


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