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Red Bull
Soapbox 2017

Los Angeles, August 20th 2017.

Nitro Babies

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Nitro Babies

About us

Team Nitro Babies is lead by two friends who have been through it all since they met at Red Bull Soap Box in 2011. “We started riding BMX together, we both had our wives pregnant about the same time, we both went through miscarriages at the same time, and now we both have sons. We have experienced fatherhood together and now my wife is pregnant again. It will be super tense coming up to the day of the race because she is due one week before,” said Taylor Calamus. Their design is a baby crib on wheels with a dresser attached, as a tribute to their friendship. Their inspiration came from their experience of trying to put a toddler to sleep at night and seeing how much energy they have right before bed. “We’re taking that toddler energy and putting it on the course!” said Taylor. Dressed in diapers, baby t-shirts, and baby props, team Nitro Babies is ready to take the course and live by their motto, ‘We’ll sleep at the bottom.’

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