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Red Bull Soapbox Race


Wonka Mobile



Wonka Mobile

About us

We all work for a building services consultancy in Ascot and our machine is based upon the original Wonka Mobile.

The races have always been a TOPIC of conversation in the office for us and our Oompa Loompa colleagues. We really wanted to compete and make the CURLY WURLY descent, so Red Bull gave us the GOLDEN TICKET to prove we're not just a bunch of JELLY BABIES.

Ian is our fabricator as he has a big DOUBLE DECKER garage, welder and a tool-belt!
Paul is the builder, admin and general mickey taker CHOMP.
Sam is chief designer/driver and has the youngest bones so if he breaks anything there is a WISPA of a chance he will recover quicker.
And finally Joelle who will be doing the painting and also there for a bit of eye POPPING CANDY.

Together we are going to build a SWEET ride which will leave the taste of satisfaction in your mouths together with the smell of victory as we cross the finish line.

other brands are available...

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Team Members

Paul (the bodger)


Sam (the boy)


Joelle (the female)


Ian (the fabricator)

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