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Wipe Out

About us

Hey Red Bull, guess who’s back…. It’s only the Fearless Ramp team aka HMS Fearless.

We cannot believe it’s been nearly 2 years since the last crazy attempt at wining the London Red Bull Soap Box Race, where has the time gone?
Anyway where do we start, there’s been some changes to the team….. Sadly we had to let a couple of them go, the first one just wanted to move on, he fell in love, had kids hadn’t got time for the ship anymore you know what happens, the second one well…. he tried to cause mutiny on the HMS Fearless, he was caught drinking and trying to distribute another well known energy drink to the crew on the ship, I’m not obliged to say what brand it was but it was a black can with 3 green claw marks down the side of it! As you can imagine there was uproar in the ranks, he was arrested, court marshalled and it was decided the only punishment fit for the crime was to walk the plank!!!! Shame he was a nice fella (if only he had of been drinking Red Bull he would of have had wings and could of flown away) still his choice and the sharks got a tasty meal ;-)

On to the new soap box... We have moved on from the industrial revolution and have upgraded from the old canal boat to a 21st century power boat, she’s going to be top of the range, fast sleek and powered by the largest, fastest and loudest outboard you have ever seen. It’s a totally new design and it runs on Red Bull and gravity!. There’s just one small issue with the new boat… It only has one seat so the other crew member will have be towed behind in an inflatable ringo (I have to say the 2nd crew member took some convincing that this was a good idea and that he would be safe and dry) lol It sounds like a plan… what could possibly go wrong?????

So a new boat needs a new name, we couldn’t decide and spent hours discussing it, crew members even fell out over it so in the end it was the captains decision, he asked his wife and she decided it was to be called WIPEOUT.

Anyway we’ll stop nattering on, as you can see there’s plenty more to look at, we hope you enjoy looking at our design and have everything crossed and will pray twice a day that we will be chosen to race and represent you on the 9th of July 2017 at Ally Pally.

Thank you for your time and look forward to seeing you soon,

The Fearless Ramps Team aka TEAM WIPEOUT

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Team Members

Manager Steve'o


Driver Mark'o


Bottle Washer Tom'o


Deck Hand Luke'o

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