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Red Bull Soapbox Race


The Pamela



The Pamela

About us

Thanks for reading one and all!

We are Team Pamela, old Skool friends who have known each other for over 25 years and are all the class of 96!
Captain Joshua decided to put in the application in the hope we would get through so we could all go out and play again every weekend and have some fun… It’s just a shame Baywatch isn’t on Saturday night TV anymore!! So we decided to bring Baywatch to you and we are going to build the boat which we have named after the legend that is - Pamela Anderson!!! You never know she may even turn up on the day…

Come and join us on our little adventure.. Vote for us, share our page, watch us on Dave, drink loads of RedBull and for those 20000 lucky enough to get race day tickets, come donning your Baywatch clobber! Lets have the Craic!!

It would be great to get all of your support so please vote for us at the bottom of this page and share away! This will really help us as well with our pledge - £1000 for the amazing charity that is the RNLI.

Thanks again,

Team Pamela!

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Team Members

Adam Berry aka Bezza


Josh Craven aka Captain Josh


Scott Waissen aka Ginge (obvs)


Chris Grant aka Chrissy G

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