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Red Bull Soapbox Race


The Mule Fueler



The Mule Fueler

About us

We are the Mule Fuelers! A team of co-workers all passionate for racing, keen for adventure and determined to win.
Based in Northampton we will be building the soap box at our place of work after hours and hopefully keeping you all up to date with our build on the road to Alexandra Palace.
The Mule Fueler will be a Cowboy/Western Style horse drawn wagon driven by too crazy horses! It will feature authentic wooden base, spoke'd wheels and the classic canvas cover.
We are in for a speedy ride with our soap box as it hurtles up to speed and takes corners and jumps as smooth as Jonny Bravo.
Follow us on all the social media platforms and get to the know the team and see our journey and Vote For Us!!
Hope to see you at the event.
The Mule Fuelers!

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Team Members

Big Tom


Chris Beevers


Zak Lloyd


Dave Turton

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