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Red Bull Soapbox Race


The Improved Rocket 2



The Improved Rocket 2

About us

We've been busy and we are now ready for the big event this Sunday... It is our 2nd and last time, the build was based on our previous fast #SoapBox with some tweaks, build is now complete, testing has sort ov been done and final prep is under way.

If you like our team and soapbox please do VOTE... Looks like we are up against some pro's and we like many others are just having fun. However we do want to WIN this time around. So please vote as every vote counts. Thank you

The whole team work for Improved Apps (, we help customers make better use of their applications with our in-app coach and critical notifications solutions... So we are office boys turned engineers, NOT!

Hope we entertain you on Sunday... Thanks for your interest.

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Team Members

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