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Red Bull Soapbox Race


Red Rocket Express



Red Rocket Express

About us

We are the First Class Males and our trusty steed is the Red Rocket Express!

Our team consists of;

Alex and myself (Daniel), where we work at Carbonwurks. Carbonwurks produce carbon fibre performance tuning parts for high end cars.

Rob owns his own Architectural Aluminium and windows company called Marco. He is also the very lucky brother in law to myself too!

Steve works for Marco as well as having a home improvements company. If there was ever a man to help out with building a soapbox, Steve is that chap!

Last but not least is Dug who runs the Newtown post office where both Carbonwurks and Marco visit daily for all our postage needs.

Our Red Rocket Express is a a collaborative effort between us all to encorporate what we all do but in the classic post box style.

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Team Members

Daniel (Dan)


Alex (Marv)


Steve (Pilcho)


Dug (Doogal)

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