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Red Bull Soapbox Race


Meals on Wheels



Meals on Wheels

About us

Our funky, passionate design
Is there to win on the line.
With a team of four
Ready for more
We’re ready to be the headline

We’re ready to wow the crowd
with our passion if we’re allowed.
with steering considered
developments been triggered
The drivers are ready to be jiggered

The team consists of skills
Which will help us beat the hills
James has acknowledged that Marcus’s college
has helped us all with our knowledge.

Jack’s creativity steers
He’s stepped up all the gears
with dan in the front
He’s ready to confront
the challenge which we've all feared.

The car is coming on well
We've built the basic shell
You'll love the design
When its ready to shine
We're there to step up on the line

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Team Members

Jack Brown


Marcus Whiteley


Daniel Clark


James Down

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