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Hot Runnings



Hot Runnings

About us

A fire at the bottom of the mountain you say?
How the heck can we put that out quickly?
Luckily London’s finest have a solution…
Let us introduce you to… HOT RUNNINGS!
The world’s first bobsleigh fire engine, professionally crewed by 4 London firefighters!

Raising money for the amazing Fire Fighter's Charity, supporting firefighting communities and their families all across the country.

With support from the London Fire Brigade, Fire Brigade Welfare Fund, The Fire Brigades Union and the Team GB Bobsleigh team.

Captain Peet Boxall has previous experience, he was captain of the Pie-On-Ears team that placed well in the 2017 Red Bull Soapbox, so you know a fantastic machine will race… we have a genuine ex Team GB bobsleigh, complete with flashing blue lights and sirens!

Please follow our journey and help us raise loads of money for a very worthwhile cause close to all of our hearts.

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Team Members

Captain Peet


Social squad Emma


Mr Martin


Pusher Pascal


Mr Tony

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