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Red Bull Soapbox Race


Hangover on Wheels



Hangover on Wheels

About us

Joel (Alan) is getting married this Summer. He needs a stag do. He is fat and he has a beard. He looks (and is) in fact quite a lot like Alan from The Hangover. The obvious choice; 2017 Red Bull Soap Box race. So… Check out our promo film at My name is Owen (Chow) and I am his older brother. He thoughtfully asked me to be his best man. Error. He is as yet unaware of the plan. We have already started building the drop top Merc (from the film) as our racer. Joel will be brought in on the plan soon, so he can enjoy the build process and get involved in the choreography for our start line skit!

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Team Members

Alan (aka Joel; The Stag)


Phil (aka Nath)


Stu (aka Ben)


Chow (aka Owen; The Best Man/Bro)

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