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Red Bull Soapbox Race


Formula Wand



Formula Wand

About us

We are Formula Wand.

Once again, Craig has been found to be frolicking with Olympe Maxime it is a Sirius problem yet Harry says there is nothing Ron with it. Anyways, Granger things have happened but it seems that once again we will be taking part in this year’s race! Just four wizards and a muggle (someone needs to make the tea) from the north east of Scotland looking to take the Knight Bus to London and step up onto that podium.

We are returning to Ally Pally after coming 4th in the 2015 Red Bull Soapbox Race and clocking the 2nd highest speed and 3rd fastest time. We have retired the old faithful Steampunked Mean Machine to the walls of the garage. Now we return with Hagrid in tow and hoping to catch the golden snitch and end up on the podium. So wands at the ready and help us expelliarmus the competition.

They see us rowling;
They hating.

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Team Members

Aiden Moore


Craig MacDonald


Finlay MacDonald


Kyle Scott

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