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Birthday Party



Birthday Party

About us

Ever turned 50 and wanted to be pushed down a hill at high speed? Ever wanted to push a 50 year old down a hill with complete legal immunity? Then you could probably enter a soapbox into the world famous Red Bull Soapbox Race 2017.

As well being the day of this year’s great Red Bull Soapbox Race the 9th July 2017 is the 50th Birthday of our team captain #birthdayboy. Let’s face it; to the nearest century this marks the 100th anniversary of his birth.

In honour of this great event we have joined together as a team to bring you, the adoring public, a chance to see four grown men celebrate the special occasion in a spectacularly elaborate way.

Our birthday cake shaped soapbox may not be the most aerodynamic, it may not have real burning candles (we read the rules!) and it would probably not taste as great as it looks. It is, however, made with the greatest love for our captain, and a desire to truly celebrate his birthday…albeit in the scariest, wildest and (we suspect) most dangerous way possible.

Like the page for build updates and other birthday surprises.

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It is not just about speed on the day (which is lucky it’s a cake we are using) the public vote counts too.

If you like our design and wish to support a 49 year olds dream of being 50 for a short period of time please vote for us.

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Team Members

Alan #BirthDayBoy


Moose #Moose


Kenny #Bison


Kane #SomeGuy

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