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About us

I'm Phil, I'm originally a Mayo man but living in Cork for over a decade! I'm a keen motor enthusiast and present Red Hits with Philip Bourke from 12pm-4pm Monday-Friday on Cork's RedFM

When I moved to Cork first in the ’90’s, I spent a daily walk to work going up Patrick's Hill which was essentially a free workout without the gym monthly subscription! There are great classic views of the city as it looks directly onto Merchants Quay and Patrick’s Street and will be the setting for this years second on 5th June, which I will be taking part in.....

What was I thinking?!!

I vaguely remember telling Isabel (S&P Manager) in Red to stick my name down in January and recently got reminded via email of my commitment to her Fearless Phil challenge. What I didn’t realize, Isabel has been plotting a cunning plan to take the absolute mick out of me and roped in a lot of people to make this happen.

Isabel’s opening pitch to me
“Hey Phil..How do you feel about been thrown down Patrick’s Hill?!!”

Bring it on…

I am a huge car fanatic and love anything with an engine in it. The sheer idea of going freewheel down Patrick’s Hill as fast as possible in something weighing just 80kgs and letting the laws of physics decide my fate….priceless!

Designing the soap box did not got off to a great start. Runner up in a Texaco national school arts competition from my childhood does not qualify and my doodle drawings and artistic skills are now just laughable!

So we decided to reach out to Matt Cotterell (Head of School Mechanical & Process Engineering) and all the team at CIT to help and advise us. We decided that we wanted something that is very iconic to Cork-and since Roy Keane wouldn't return our calls to make a soapbox version of him-we settled for the Shandon Bells instead!

The Shandon Bells or Church of St Anne (formal name) is located in the Shandon district of Cork city. It is situated a top a hill overlooking the River Lee, and the church tower is a noted landmark and symbol of the city. 2 sides are red brick and 2 sides are limestone-and it's said that this is where the Cork colours Red & White came from

So we plan to make the chassis from a welded steel/aluminium construction. Standard components such as rubber tires,spoked wheels, plastic seating to be used as much as possible. The superstucture which is non load bearing to be made from lightweight corrugated plastic sheet.

We've ordered the parts we need and plan on starting the build this week now once they arrive-that's when the real fun begins!!

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Team Members

Ger "Nutbolt" Kelly


Killer Chloe


Karnage Kate


Rachet Ritchie

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We never thought we'd see a giant breakfast roll hurtling down Patrick's Hill at 50kph!

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