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A wise man once said in order to come down a hill you must first travel up it. With just six days remaining there is quite a lot of work left to do. This is a challenge but a welcomed challenge by the Graepels team who are 100% confident in being fully prepared come race day.

So far the team have done lots of planning, pretend driving and posing for photos. They have managed to get some serious business done with designs, sketches and technical considerations using CAD and other computer design software’s in order to complete the process!

Between them they have finally succeeded in picking a theme: Top gear! As a show that was an inspirations for so many generations the team now have a chance to channel their inner Jeremy Clarkson or more realistically the STIG. The team still need to source some uniforms and finishing touches to the design and take part in some test driving!

The design has developed particularly over the last week. The wheel diameter was carefully chosen so that the Soapbox would be able to remain low to the ground, sitting below the centre of gravity making the soapbox more stable even at break neck speed! The footprint of the soapbox is 2000x1000mm including the tyres. The chassis have now been manufactured and fitted to the vehicle along with the hydraulic disc brakes which are positioned strategically on the rear axle. The seating and steering were taken from a Go-kart and designed to fit into the soapbox last weekend. We hope the team will be rolling, steering and braking by this weekend.

The finishing touches have been scheduled for the end of this week and also next week, where the guys will fit the skin, paint and add the Graepel and Red Bull logos which are to be perforated into sheet metal, otherwise known as Picture Perf. The aesthetics are an important aspect of the design proposal as it is a key element come judgment day.

With the race next week the 5th of June, the team will arrive on the 4th of June at a time and place specified by Red Bull which is advised prior to the event day, and the soapboxes will be checked for their roadworthiness and Engineering compliance.

Red Bull have specified that the soapbox must be human gravity powered, no engines or external energy sources, although we think our driver will have more than enough energy to give the kart some extra momentum!

The maximum weight of the Kart is 80 kilograms excluding the driver. The maximum width is not to exceed two metres, with a maximum height of two and a half metres and maximum length of six metres.

All participants will be judged on their creativity of the Soapbox design, their showmanship/race performance of their Soapbox and Team, including the stage performance!

This is a game of skill and chance plays no part in determining the winners! We wish everyone the best of luck and look forward to next week with bated breath.

Lastly, thank you to everyone who voted for us so far, if you haven’t voted already we would appreciate a vote!

Please click on the link and vote for the Perf-Former.

See you soon!

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Team Members

Nathan Graepel


Jamie Cooper


Nicholas O'Sullivan


Darren O'Driscoll


Brendan Wilson

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