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Gráinne Mhaol



Gráinne Mhaol

About us

We are a team of absolute chancers all in our late 20’s; As we drift into our dotage, we reasoned that we may as well try to recapture our youth before our bodies fall foul of the ravages of time. Our idea was to race a soapbox car, in the shape of the merchant ship that can be seen on the Cork crest, in the Red Bull Soapbox Race. We feel that this would represent a great analogy for our wizened hearts & bodies slowly drifting towards our lonely, cold doom. Our team consists of an engineer, a graphic designer, a games designer (He's the best), a historian and a woman from Carrigaline. We all regard Cork as our home and have no doubt that our merchant ship shaped boat car will career its way to victory.

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Team Members

Ronan "Beaker-boy" Lyons tea is muck


Micky "Macattack" MacDonald


Niamh "Carrigaline" McGurk


Tom "Unchartered" Doodles


Joe "Fastest you've ever seen" Kinevil

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We never thought we'd see a giant breakfast roll hurtling down Patrick's Hill at 50kph!

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