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Soapbox 2016


ECTO - Ghostbusters



ECTO - Ghostbusters

About us

Fearless, Fast and Full of it!

Dave Hennessy: our crash and burn pilot with the fear a little bit less and live a little more attitude

Dave Calnan: Fitter/Superman whose expertise in creating something from nothing is second to none

Dag Mueller: Dag adds the “Je ne sais quoi” to the group. Dag dreams big but always seems to follow through. He has dreamed big for this event and since we don’t know if we will make it to the end, at least the starting line will be something to behold

Boris Culinovic: This token Eastern European and IT extraordinaire has been known to ask his wife to marry him through expressive dance. So what better person to choreograph our 30 seconds of fame at the starting line?

Deirdre O’Carroll: The mammy/ glue that holds the group all together while doing her hair and nails at the same time. Multitasking at its best

Who You Gonna Vote For? Ghostbusters !!!!

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Team Members

Dave Hennessy


Dave Calnan


Deirdre O'Carroll


Boris Culinovic


Dag Mueller

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We never thought we'd see a giant breakfast roll hurtling down Patrick's Hill at 50kph!

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