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Red Bull
Soapbox 2016

Mumbai, 13th November 2016 – 4 PM

Vichitra Boys



Vichitra Boys

About us

What should we say about our team? Vichitra boys! You guys can Google it for more information. #laal #selfobsessed. A wacky team formed in college, always ready to take challenges and solve them in our unique quirky way. We have around 1.4 million+ views on a YouTube video with the same name. We are back together again for this event with the highest level of energy and humour, where our outrageousness will be tested along the other teams. Watch out for us, guys! We are just not tough we are the toughest. Ouch. #bachpanselaal

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Team Members

Pankaj Patel


Shravan Suvarna


Ramesh Patel


Vinay Jaiswal

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