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Red Bull
Soapbox 2016

Mumbai, 13th November 2016 – 4 PM

Team Frankenwagen



Team Frankenwagen

About us

Since childhood we’ve been the “SIBLINGS IN ARMS”, doing the hooligan thing together & passing on the pixie dust (eternal khoojli) amongst us and upcoming toddlers & youngsters in our family clan! At our native place, when we played together, we attacked hens and chased them shouting slogans as if they were our enemies. There were quite a few casualties to the enemy side. (Amen) & we too had our share of cuts & bruises and flaunted them proudly. Playing “pakada-pakadi” with hens is badass fun & we needn’t utter a word, Mr. Devgan has already certified it on national television for us.

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Team Members

Amey S. Sawant


Ankita S


Digvijay Rane

screws-1 screws-2