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Red Bull
Soapbox 2016

Mumbai, 13th November 2016 – 4 PM





About us

We (Aaditi and Vinayak) tied the knot seven years ago, but that did nothing to diminish our craziness, even after two kids joined the party. Our young, energetic office colleague (Bhushan) completes the team, which is well versed with cooking, engineering, sleeping, karate, social work, except, of course, building a soapbox. Our team’s name - Chemfero - is an amalgamation of chemical engineering and the team’s favourite car brand - Ferrari. This shows our love and passion as well as our taste for the crazy. Interesting fact: Our creativity was boosted by the screams of our son and infinite questions of our daughter. So on race day, don’t be surprised if our cart’s horn resembles our son’s yelling. Of course, our team’s macho man cum karate guy Bhushan will surprise everyone with his kickboxing skills before the race. So beware! We’re gonna rock the show.

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Team Members

Vinayak Morab


Aaditi Morab


Bhushan Chavan

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