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Red Bull
Soapbox 2016

Mumbai, 13th November 2016 – 4 PM

Blast Boys



Blast Boys

About us

So basically, we’re a quartet of architecture students who study in the same class. Our captain saw the soapbox race ad one day and registered for it without a second thought because we love participating in competitions, which involve design and creativity. The team swung into action a day after the introductory kit came to his place. After brainstorming over the right design, we decided to build a beast machine, which capitalized on the Pokemon rage. We were stuck on the names ‘Boss and ‘Blastoise’ and finally decided to amalgamate the two and name our soapbox Bosstoise while labelling our team the Blast Boys. We’re confident of making one hell of a splash.

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Team Members

Suyash Deshpande


Nirav Upadhyay


Kashyap Shah


Siddhesh Kadam

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