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Red Bull
Soapbox 2016

Mumbai, 13th November 2016 – 4 PM

Kith & Kin



Kith & Kin

About us

True to its name, ‘Kith & Kin’ comprises of a father (extra member), his son, his son’s son, and 2 grandchildren. A messed up group of cousins (Darius, Kieran, Kirsten) who played one game too many; building ramps, innovative bicycle mods, and obstacle courses in their boyhood, have decided to team up once again, reminiscing the good old days. They intend to relive those crazy moments devoid of bruises, cuts, stitches, fractures and homework, of course! However, they have accepted that the former is part and parcel of Red Bull’s soapbox journey, but, the latter is still unacceptable. Tony Gonsalves, son of Francis, father of Kirsten and godfather of Kieran and Darius, is the go-to person of the team. He knows every nook and corner of Bombay, has an amazing memory and is an uber-innovator with the skills to pull off any mechanical task. His experience and contacts when it came to fetching the right stuff for the build was extremely pivotal. Their grandfather, Francis Gonsalves, 87, an extended member of the team, is a veteran in the field of mechanics and still hasn’t accepted retirement. He starts his day at 5am and keeps himself busy throughout the day, following a dedicated routine, no matter what. He always emphasises, “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop” An amazing singer and an extremely fit person who can still move his biceps as he speaks, we might just get him to flaunt his biceps as a part of our act ;) #bonuspoints

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Team Members

Kirsten Gonsalves


tony Gonsalves


Darius Gonsalves


Kieran Baptista

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