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Red Bull
Soapbox Race 2018

Cincinnati, 8th September 2018.

Rogue Docs


Rogue Docs

About us

We will be building a WWII ambulance as our soapbox craft
Our slogan will be “rub some dirt on it”.
We will rub some dirt in our injured friend and hit the hills like some rogue dogs off to save lives and cheat the devil himself for souls.
We will have a single red light on top and make our own “wooping” ambulance sounds.
This is a very unique team a we have 3 veterans as well a self proclaimed redneck engineer. Two of the three veterans are current army medics and one is an infantry nurse. We are the epitome of the phrase, work hard play harder!

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Team Members

Doc Riley


Grunt Bennett


Brad the Redneck Racer


Doc Coleman

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