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Red Bull
Soapbox Race 2018

Cincinnati, 8th September 2018.

Carrie's Hatchet


Carrie's Hatchet

About us

This year, the name of our car is “Carrie Nations hatchet”, and appropriately we are sponsored by nation kitchen and bar.
Who is Carrie nation? She was a leading prohibitionist in the nation, who traveled from town to town to protest to presence of bars. She would publicize going to a specific bar, hand out hatchets to the large group of women assembled and would go in and chop up the wooden bar.
Upon her arrival in Cincinnati (a city that usually tops the nation in per capita consumption of beer) she immediately went to the OTR area. But when she saw the number of bars, tradition has it that she thought it was too much work and got back on the train.
It is in her honoring spirit that we will build large scale replica of her faithful hatchet.

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