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Red Bull
Soapbox Race 2018

Cincinnati, 8th September 2018.

Barbie Jeep


Barbie Jeep

About us

Team Barbie Jeep comprises members from each field of Design at Crown Equipment, all coming together to collaborate on the story of two jilted lovers….and a Jeep. We encompass the disciplines of Model Making, Graphic Design, and Industrial Design and aim to create the most dead-nuts, accurate, sort of 1/6th scale 1/3rd scale 1/2 Scale? pink Mopar thing on wheels. It’s gonna be fast; it’s gonna be pink; it’s gonna be totally awesome.

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Team Members

Paul Chabala "Blaine"


Patrick Hebauf "Ken"


Lindsey Schulze "Barbie"


John Timmers "Skipper"


Megan McLeish "Stacie"

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